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Ericeira is a civil parish and seaside resort/fishing community on the western coast of Portugal, in the municipality of Mafra, about 35 kilometres northwest of the capital, Lisbon. Ericeira is regarded by some as being Europe's Surf Mecca, due to the exceptional coastline conditions for the practice of Surf. It is home for Ericeira's World Surfing Reserve, the first in Europe and the second in the world.

Ericeira was a popular summer retreat for many of Lisbon's families. Today, it is a popular destination for local and visiting tourists, as well as surfers from around the world (owing to the forty beaches with good conditions in the area).

Along its northern border is Coxos Break point, known as one of the best professional surfing areas in Europe, and not an area for beginners.

Ericeira is the home to Portugal's first/largest surfing association/club, the Ericeira Surf Clube. Founded in 1993, it developed from the surfing unit of the Ericeira Naval Club, which organized local, regional and national competitions in surf, bodyboard, kneeboard and longboard throughout the years. In addition the Surf Club began a school to train local athletes and visiting tourists who wanted to learn how to surf.

The beach of Ribeira d'Ilhas, which routinely hosts a round of the ASP World Tour Surf Championship and is widely regarded as one of the best beaches in Europe for this sport, is located 2 kilometres to the north of the town. In 2011, Ericeira was chosen by the WSR to be one of the World Surfing Reserves, together with Malibu and Santa Cruz in California, Manly Beach in Australia, and Huanchaco in Peru. The local council have redeveloped the Ribeira d'Ilhas foreshore to commemorate and show their support for the importance of surfing to the local culture and economy.

While the nightlife in Ericeira doesn’t compare to the lively bars and clubs of Lisbon’s Bairro Alto, you might be surprised at what this picturesque coastal village has to offer those in search of a good time after sunset.

Since Ericeira is a fishing town, expect to find seafood restaurants with plenty of fresh fish to choose from. There are plenty of places to eat in the town center and even some on the beach.

After dinner, check out the bars and nightclubs in the Praça das Navegantes like the Big Wave Bar, La Luna Bar and the Cadillac Bar. Ericeira also has a British pub called Ponto Sete (“Point 7”) on Rua Dr Miguel Bombarda if you’re in the mood for jazz, blues and draft beer.

A club popular with surfers and young people is the Ouriço on Rua Capitão João Lopes, overlooking Praia dos Pescadores.

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