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This House was built before the 1950s (exact Date is unknown) and became a ruin after not being treated accordingly for many years. In 2001 the pre-owner decided to rebuild it and in 2013 it was fully renovated in a way that we believe represents the local and global surf scene.


Our Mission is to be the best hosts imaginable, who will make your visiting experience not seem like you rented a house or a room, but a whole local experience itself. We are "Ericeira lovers" which developed into one of the greatest Surf experiences imaginable, especially due to the constant swell, sunny weather, great food and awesome locals.


We believe that a perfect vacation should not be to figure out the way to the next jacuzy or swimming pool, crowned with a lunch or dinner that will not reveal the same stories of the local food offerings.


Thus, we decided that our mission will be to offer a real local portuguese experience with lots of extreme sports activities such as, surfing (all kinds), climbing and mountain biking in a house remodeled with custom made or customized furniture from our lovely pre-owners, Claudi and Val.

Jan and Stefan, overtook this house in 2018 and offer it to surfers and travellers around the world during our time abroad.

In 2020 Denis, knowing the area since born, became the new owner, trying to keep the same spirit in the Surf Shack.


If you want to discover life in a small portuguese fishers village with great activity offerings then you should book your next vacation in the Surf Shack Ericeira now.

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